Turkey Responds Angrily to Trump on Sanctions

Turkey’s foreign minister says his country doesn’t tolerate ‘threats’ after Trump announced ‘large sanctions’ because a American pastor was detained on terror and espionage charges.

WASHINGTON (AP) — THE Latest on U.S.-threatened sanctions on Turkey over a detained American pastor (all times local):


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu (MEHV’-loot chah-voo-SHOH’-loo) says his country doesn’t tolerate “threats.” His comment came shortly after President Donald Trump announced sanctions would be imposed on Turkey because of an American pastor detained on terror and espionage charges.

Cavusoglu says: “We will never tolerate threats from anybody. Rule of law is for everyone; no exception.”

The statement was not explicitly directed toward the United States, but was posted in English on Twitter just a few hours after Trump — who also used Twitter — threatened sanctions.

Ties between NATO allies Turkey and the United States have been strained by the pastor case.

Andrew Brunson is an evangelical Christian pastor originally from North Carolina. He faces up to 35 years in prison in Turkey if convicted.

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