Who Would be the Next President of Pakistan?


By Aasim Ejaz

Presidential election is due to be held in Pakistan in the first week of September 2018.

Incumbent President Mamnoon Hussain of the PML(N) will complete his term on 9 September 2018.

The President of Pakistan is indirectly elected by the Electoral College of Pakistan  a joint sitting of the Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies. Each elector casts a different number of votes.

Each province has an equal vote, all provincial assemblies are given exactly 65 votes in the electoral college. This mean that the each member of the Punjab Assembly has 65/370 = 0.176 votes, each member of the Sindh Assembly has 65/168 = 0.387 votes, each member of the KPK Assembly has 65/124 = 0.524 votes and each member of the Balochistan Assembly has 65/65 = 1 vote.

In existing scenario no political party has absolute majority to win this race.

PTI has slim majority in National Assembly with marginal representation in Senate. It’s almost 50-50 in Punjab,2/3 majority in KP. If it’s allies remain with her it has majority in Baluchistan assembly but it would still short of target to elect President of its own choice.

PML (N) has majority votes in Senate,has secondposition in National Assembly with 50/50 in Punjab.

PPP has majority in Sind Assembly, holding second position in Senate and is third largest group in National Assembly.

By virtue of this division of this electrol house a party can only win election if it has the support of another political party.

If rumours are to believe a unanimous candidate would likely be to take oath as next President of Pakistan. A unanimous Presidential candidate sounds bit irrational, but politics is politics, foes of today are friends of tomorrow.

If rumours turned into reality the strongest unanimous candidate of all parties would likely be ” Malik Riaz” on no choice basis.


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