Pakistan based terror groups continue to train cadres for ‘Samundari Jihad’: Government

( has said that Pakistan based terrorist groups are are training in a bid to infiltrate by sea or water ways. In a written reply in the Parliament, Minister of state in the Home Ministry Hansraj Ahir said, “available inputs indicate that the Pakistan based terrorist group continue to train their cadres for underwater strike capabilities in a bid to infiltrate them into India by sea/water ways.”

According to the minister the Pakistan based terrorist organization had exhorted its cadres for “samundari jihad”against India, though the minister said there is no specific input about any terrorist group planning a 26/11 type attack in the port, cargo and oil tankers in the high seas.

The development comes even as the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first interview of 2019 said New Delhi is open to dialogue with Islamabad but “amid the noise of bombs and guns, the dialogue cannot be heard. Cross-border terrorism must end.

India last year marked 10 year since the deadly 26/11 attacks on the city of Mumbai.New Delhi had then called on the “‘Government of Pakistan to give up double standards and to expeditiously bring the perpetrators of the horrific attack to justice. New Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan hasn’t shown interest in resolving the case except in an interview to Washington Pot said, “We also want something done about the bombers of Mumbai. I have asked our government to find out the status of the case. Resolving that case is in our interest because it was an act of terrorism”‘.

India on its part is not taking any chances. A large scale pan India coastal defense exercise “Sea Vigil”is being scheduled during the Indian Navy’s biennial theater level operational readiness exercise TROPEX-19 this month.

A  coastal  security  ring  all  along  India’s coast  is  provided  by  Marine Police,  Indian  Coast  Guard  and  Indian  Navy. The  Government is  implementing  the  Coastal  Security Scheme  in  phases  since  2005  to  augment  capacity  &  infrastructure  of Police    forces   of    Coastal    States   /    UTs. National    Committee  on Strengthening   Maritime   and   Coastal   Security   (NCSMCS)   monitors   the progress    in    respect    of    coastal    security    initiatives and  if any  shortfall is encountered decides on measures to plug the gaps.

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