Brendum McCullum Makes Match by Match Prediction for World Cup Group Stage, India and England Emerge Top Teams

Brendon McCullum predicted England, India and Australia will easily make it to the semi-finals while he pitted New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa and Pakistan in a tight fight for the final place in top 4.

Former New Zealand cricket Brendon McCullum gave his prediction for the group stage matches of the ICC World Cup 2019 and according to him, England and India will easily make it to the semi-finals.

Like most cricket pundits, McCullum also deemed India and England as the favourites. According to his prediction, the only group stage match that India will lose will be against England while England will only lose to Australia in the group stage.

Apart from these two, McCullum put Australia on the third spot for the semi-final qualification while he made it an extremely tight race for the final qualifying spot.

McCullum’s prediction says New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa and Pakistan will fight for the fourth spot and it will be down to the net run rate in that case.

Rain and luck will likely play a part as well. I hope Nz gets that little bit of luck and can qualify. Enjoy the 6 week celebration of the best players on the planet,” McCullum wrote on Instagram.

McCullum deemed Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as the worst-performing teams of the tournament while he predicted Afghanistan as just a little bit better than the other two.

Here is Brendon McCullum’s match-by-match prediction for all the 10 teams:


8 wins – South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Indies, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand
1 loss – Australia


8 wins –
 South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
1 loss – England


6 wins –
 Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, South Africa
3 losses – West Indies, India, Pakistan

New Zealand

5 wins –
 Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa, West Indies
4 losses – India, Pakistan, Australia, England

West Indies

5 wins –
 Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan
4 losses – South Africa, England, New Zealand, India

South Africa

5 wins –
 Bangladesh, West Indies, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
4 losses – England, India, New Zealand, Australia


5 wins –
 Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Bangladesh
4 losses – West Indies, England, India, South Africa


2 wins –
 Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
7 losses – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, India, Pakistan, West Indies

Sri Lanka

1 win –
 West Indies
8 losses – New Zealand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, England, South Africa, India


1 win –
 Sri Lanka
8 losses – South Africa, New Zealand, England, West Indies, Australia, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan

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