#Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: More Than Anything Else, The Camera is Truly Pro

Apple has given the Pro moniker to the iPhones for the first time. Everything is improved and everything feels better. Yet this isn’t a completely new iPhone.

The Apple iPhone has always gone through the alternate refresh cycles. There is the larger upgrade cycle gives the iPhones a design overhaul and a new direction in general. Changes and updates are across the board. Then there are the more restrained years, when upgrades are incremental, and the focus is on refinement. This year, in many ways, the iPhone upgrade cycle doesn’t tick off either box—it is surely more than a typical “S” cycle update we have seen over the years. The truth sits somewhere in the middle. At least in terms of what the iPhone 11 Pro Max brings to the table.

The pricing of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is largely the same as last year’s phones, the iPhone XS Max. This means you are looking at splurging around Rs 1,09,900 for the 64GB version, Rs 1,23,900 for the 128GB option and Rs 1,41900 for the top of the line 512GB option. That is a pretty penny to pay for a phone that many consider is an incremental update. But that is exactly what it isn’t. It is more than an incremental update, but just short of a complete refresh. In terms of the headline changes, the new iPhone 11 Pro series has a triple camera system, a Super Retina XDR Display, the superfast new Apple A13 Bionic chip, spatial audio thanks to the new ultra-wideband U1 chip as well as the matte textured glass at the back. Oh, and there is now the new midnight green colour as well.

The design, first and foremost. Ah yes, the design of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has already been the reason for countless debates. Let us tackle this rather alienating issue first. Friends have argued for hours. Folks who were otherwise the best of pals, are now calling each other all sorts of names. And there has been a whole scenario of name calling. Safe to say, it has been alienating. The new triple camera system, to be specific. The reality is simple, this grows on you. Much like any other design of any other smartphone. The same set of people perhaps cribbed when Samsung put four cameras on the back of a phone. But there was deafening silence when Nokia put five cameras on the back of their phone. Be it a new phone or a new car, the design is something you understand better with as time passes. And for those who may continue to insist, the facts are simple – you look at the phone from the front, most of the time.

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