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It’s Time for a Frank Talk with Pakistan’s Army Chief

by Daniel Markey. The world is focused on Europe and the Levant this week, but the White House should grab a chance to address the fault lines in the US-Pakistan relationship. 

Job half-done

One year on, ghosts of Peshawar school massacre still haunt Pakistan



World Now



by Nayla Inayat

Pakistan Military Deals a Blow to Jihadists but Not to Ideology

Since Peshawar School Massacre, Intolerance Has Increased in Pakistan

by Jennifer Williams

by Michael Kugelman

Pakistan is still trying to get in a grip on its madrassa problem

Is Pakistani religious school a terrorist breeding ground?

by Tim Craig by Kiran Nazish 

Asia's Bleeding Heart

How Saddam's men help Islamic State rule

by Mohammad Taqi

by Isabel Coles and Ned Parker


Is Anyone Willing To Take On The Perversion Of Islam Caused By The Wahhabi-Saudi Combine?

Four reasons for ISIS's success

by S Irfan Habib 

By Robert A. Pape and Sarah Morell


Islamic State is having a hard time taking root in Pakistan

From pharmacy student to suspected San Bernardino terrorist: The baffling journey of Tashfeen Malik






by Tim Craig

by Tim Craig

The Saudi Arabia problem: why a country at war with jihadists also fuels them How ISIS Suckered the West
by Jennifer Williams

by Maajid Nawaz

Review: 'Black Flags,' Tracing the Birth of ISIS Ashfeen Malik Was a 'Saudi Girl' Who Stood Out at a Pakistani University
by Michiko Kakutani  by Decklan Walsh
How I Became a Casualty of Pakistan's Silent War on Speech A short history of conspiracy theories about the U.S. military in the Middle East

by Mohammad Taqi

by Decklan Walsh


Pakistan's Insistence on Denial Pakistan’s nuclear weapons may not deter Indian retaliation, but destruction mutual

by Aparna Pande

by parween swami