Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace

by Hoor Khalid

There is no doubt that Mohatta Palace is one of the most beautiful pieces of architect and it is made with every possible beauty. It is a landmark that conveys the timeless love of a husband for his wife, to save her from dying and leaving him behind in this world. It is amazing to visit and see the different colours of the cultural heritage of Pakistan in the museum and witness the sensational construction and precise stonework on every wall.

After independence, this palace used by Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s sister, Fatimah Jinnah as her residential place till her death in 1967. Last month, the Sindh High Court ordered the conversion of the premises into a dental college for woman. Ms. Fatima Jinnah herself studied dentistry at the time when women education was not supported in the subcontinent.

In this context, and under the present situation where still many girls are unable to reach educational resources, this is an innovative step. Although, the preservation of palace as a museum is great but its conversion to an educational hub will lead to more woman workforce.

But the question still remains there; will the construction of new colleges and universities can change the mindset of the people.


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