Reviving my childhood characters….

Reviving my childhood characters….

Reviving my childhood characters….by Hoor Khalid

Thinking of what to write today, just came across an idea to visit the pool of memories in my brain.

Look! What I discovered from the pool! Some precious and rememberable characters of television.

First of all, the tall, the man who made us laugh ,who created humor from his own mistakes, the one and only Mr.Bean. Whatever content he presented is still remarkable and still today, many children across the globe watch him.

Next, we have the most lively characters Tom and Jerry.One of the my favorites, Tom a young cat and Jerry a cute tiny mouse, with a sharp mind to tackle each and every situation. There frenemy is famous all around the town and loved by people of all ages.

Moving on, I don’t know how many of you know this but I loved it the most “the Doraemon”, a robot(with lots of gadgets) who came from 22nd century to help a boy Nobita of 21st century ,who is loser in every phase of life ,be it academics, sports or any activity. He is not liked by anyone and no one appreciates him. Doraemon always provide him tools so he could escape a situation but opposite happens more often; situation becomes worse. Remember: Gadgets are there to assist us but the more we depend on them, they will spoil our life.

Furthermost, all of you who watched POGO channel must know Chota Bheem, the most powerful character of the show, who can defeat any person or animal besides its shape or size. Actually, his character displays the nature of human mind that if a man decides to achieve something, he can do it with his inner strength which is the most strongest.

Lastly, the cut but mute ,Pink Panther. He had no friends, no one in his life, he helped himself alone and taught us being alone is okay. We all have minds with different abilities ,so find solutions to your problems by yourself and stop being dependent on others.

As we will go deep in the pool, more and more treasure of characters is found, taking us to flashback, but on today’s note, this is enough.   


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